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Sunset in a winter park
The winter solstice — and the shortest day of the year — will soon be upon us (Dec. 21), and not everyone is feeling the holiday spirit. Illness, loneliness, financial troubles, family problems and depression can make many dread the “most wonderful” time of the year and endanger both mental and…
African-American woman sneezing into tissue
It’s that season again. The one with lots of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, aching and carrying around large wads of tissues. So how do you protect yourself from colds and the flu, other than staying home from now through May?
brain maze
As with so many other perplexing questions about Alzheimer's disease and dementia, researchers are unsure why there seems to be a link between low vitamin D levels and a higher risk of developing these brain diseases.
May is National Osteoporosis Month - a good time to assess your risk of breaking a bone and figure out the best way for you to avoid osteoporosis down the road.
Almost half of American adults take extra vitamin D to help strengthen their bones. But a new study published online today in the  Lancet concludes that for healthy older adults, taking those pills to prevent osteoporosis is simply a waste of money.
If you need to take a vitamin D supplement, be aware you may be getting far less or far more than the label shows, a new study shows.
Taking calcium pills combined with low-dose vitamin D did not protect older women from dementia, a large new study found, but the researchers think vitamin D alone may offer some help.
I wouldn't compare 'vigorous exercise' to a ray of sunshine in very many circumstances, but it turns out there's one thing a good workout and a sunny day may have in common: Upping your levels of Vitamin D ... Reassuring the retirement community crowd, Mitt Romney explained, "Social Security is not going to change for anyone in this room."�
Just in time for the summer, experts are saying that sunshine can help older adults reduce their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.
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