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Your body uses all eight B vitamins to turn food into energy and at least a few help brain health. Here's what you need to know about them.
I tend to be skeptical about most new beauty trends, but ever since BB creams took over the makeup aisle I’ve become both skeptical and curious.
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To help your aging eyes, think about improving what you eat.
If you need to take a vitamin D supplement, be aware you may be getting far less or far more than the label shows, a new study shows.
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Older adults who take dietary supplements to boost their intake of minerals need to be careful they don't get too much of a good thing.
If dementia were a country, its economy would rank No. 18 in the world, according to a new report from Alzheimer's Disease International. And nearly three-quarters of people living with dementia have not been diagnosed. The tragedy of this is that early interventions can slow brain deterioration, but many are missing out. But there have actually been some exciting discoveries in the world of early Alzheimer's interventions announced this week.
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A new analysis of popular multivitamins turned up some good news for budget-minded older adults, but not such good news for their pets and grandchildren.
For those of you who are over 50 and are clueless about what vitamins you should be taking (I'll admit I'm a culprit), you definitely want to check out this neat tool that AARP created so you can see what vitamins are important for your dietary needs:
Happy Monday. There are a few interesting news stories today that give readers advice on a variety of things - check them out if you're looking for unsolicited, free tips!
Just in time for the summer, experts are saying that sunshine can help older adults reduce their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.
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