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President Barack Obama voted in his former Chicago neighborhood on October 20 — more than two weeks before Election Day. “I’m so glad I can early-vote,” he said as he cast his ballot. “It’s so exciting. I love voting.”
You've Earned a Say - Vote for Retirement Security
Hello, readers! It's Allie the intern here this week, talking to you about the upcoming election and how the AARP Voters' Guides can help you research your candidates. Don't forget to register and vote!
Each year, four million people 65+ years live on less than $10,000 a year. These same people often have to choose between eating, buying medication, and other necessities, often neglecting their hunger. Over the past year, AARP Foundation and Drive to End Hunger have been hard at work to raise…
Electronic voting scares Me.
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Every vote makes a difference in a critical election year like this one, and AARP wants to make sure you have the facts - before you cast your ballot.
With Congress in recess, now is your chance to talk with your elected officials about their stance on the issues.
1.Know where your polls are and when they close.
Shaarp Session writer recalls voting with her mother as a child and encourages people to take their kids to vote!
Student's from Atlanta's Ron Clark Academy share their thoughts on the upcoming Presidential Election.
AARP has created AARP Vote 2008 to encourage people to vote in this year's election.
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