How will boomers’ economic anxiety affect their vote?

It’s August. Your thermostat has likely cracked 100 degrees. But hopefully, you’re on vacation with your families or watching the Olympics (Go USA!!) in a cool place with a cold beverage in hand. And I bet that if you live in a battleground state, there’s something else you want a vacation from: the endless parade of political ads between now and November 6th. Most candidates seem too busy beating up one another to tell us where they really stand on …

Adventures in Sioux City

Hey all! Wanted to report back from our excellent trip to Iowa last week! When it comes to presidential elections, the Hawkeye State takes pride in being the “first in the nation,” as their caucuses are considered the first major electoral event for both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees. With only weeks to go before the January 3 caucuses, AARP wanted the media and general public to know more about what the Republican candidates are saying about jobs, the …

Your Go-To Election Source

The 2012 presidential election is almost a year away…but the political circus has already started…and the elephants are on the march. The news is filled with stories of candidate controversies and debate gaffes – but it’s hard to find any concrete information on where the candidates actually stand on the issues that matter. So where’s a voter to go if they want the real facts, and not the partisan spin? We proudly submit that AARP is a good place to …

Political Ads Getting Wackier This Year?

Have you seen some ads that have you shaking your head? That seem wackier than normal?

Do YOU know where the candidates stand?

Every vote makes a difference in a critical election year like this one, and AARP wants to make sure you have the facts – before you cast your ballot.