Runoff elections this week in Georgia and Louisiana will decide several major races, including who will represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate.
Registration deadlines are coming up in several states ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.
Voters in several states can, or will soon be able to, cast a ballot early and in person to beat the lines on Election Day.
Inflation, protecting Social Security and Medicare and the direction of the country are among older voters' top concerns, according to new AARP polls.
Nearly half of Americans with disabilities say they need help casting a ballot, but many are worried about new voting laws, according to a new survey.
Woman Mailing Her Absentee Voter Ballot
Reports suggest thousands of mail-in ballots and ballot applications are being rejected and returned for failing to adhere to a new voter ID law.
Us capitol
More than half of older adults say their generation has made political polarization worse for future generations.
A series of bills introduced in Utah would have limited access to vote-by-mail ballots and created new barriers for people who need help casting them.
Voters in Connecticut, Michigan and other states passed new amendments and ballot initiatives opening more options to vote in future elections.
Happy Birthday, Social Security — AARP
This summer marks another successful anniversary for Social Security and Medicare as Social Security turns 83 and Medicare turns 53.
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