Primary elections are winding down, but registration deadlines loom for the general election.
Voters in several other states can, or will soon be able to, cast a ballot early and in person to beat the lines on Election Day.
Woman Mailing Her Absentee Voter Ballot
Reports suggest thousands of mail-in ballots and ballot applications are being rejected and returned for failing to adhere to a new voter ID law.
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More than half of older adults say their generation has made political polarization worse for future generations.
A series of bills introduced in Utah would have limited access to vote-by-mail ballots and created new barriers for people who need help casting them.
Happy Birthday, Social Security — AARP
This summer marks another successful anniversary for Social Security and Medicare as Social Security turns 83 and Medicare turns 53.
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Come Election Day 2016, the country will elect a new president after an endless round of campaigning and debates. How will our adult children influence the selection of the new POTUS?
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A three-judge federal appeals court panel has unanimously upheld Wisconsin’s controversial voter ID law, which had been the focus of earlier conflicting federal and state court rulings.
New voter identification laws in 10 states could make it difficult for millions of Americans to cast ballots, according to a new report from New York University's Brennan Center for Justice. Older adults and minorities are especially likely to be left out: About 18 percent of Americans 65 and older, 25 percent of blacks and 16 percent of Hispanics lack the type of ID required by the new voting laws.
It's Super Tuesday and voters in 11 states are waking up to the opportunity to help determine who will be the republican candidate for president of the United States. From job creation to the deficit to the future of Social Security and Medicare, we put the candidates under our own microscopes in…
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