voting laws

AARP Wyoming helped defeat three proposed bills that would have made it more difficult for older adults to vote.
Nearly half of Americans with disabilities say they need help casting a ballot, but many are worried about new voting laws, according to a new survey.
Woman Mailing Her Absentee Voter Ballot
Wisconsin voters who have a disability will be able to get help casting an absentee ballot without needing to prove their disability.
Woman Mailing Her Absentee Voter Ballot
Pennsylvanians can cast no-excuse mail-in ballots in the 2022 midterm elections after the state’s Supreme Court upheld a 2019 election law.
Woman's hand placing a 2020 mail-in election ballot in a rural mailbox
Delaware Gov. John Carney signed two bills that will introduce no-excuse absentee voting and allow voters to register up to and including Election Day.
Massachusetts voters can vote by mail without an excuse.
Woman Mailing Her Absentee Voter Ballot
Gov. Daniel McKee signed a bill codifying no-excuse mail voting, ballot drop boxes and an online mail ballot request portal.
Voters in Connecticut, Michigan and other states passed new amendments and ballot initiatives opening more options to vote in future elections.
The “Bloody Sunday” 50th anniversary march was an event that inspired people across America to stand for justice wherever injustice prevails. In that regard, among the greatest inspirations at the March 7 commemoration was 103-year-old Amelia Boynton Robinson, a foot soldier who marched with Dr.…
In two decisions this term, the Supreme Court has changed the political landscape on voting rights. Reaction to the court's latest decision, in Shelby County v. Holder, ranged from outrage ("Supremes Gut Voting Rights Act" at Huffington Post) to just-the-facts-ma'am ("Supreme Court voids key part…
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