AARP is launching free courses and tools to help stores like Walgreens and Best Buy keep their customers’ money safe from gift card scams and wire fraud.
AARP realiza capacitaciones gratuitas para ayudar a tiendas como Walgreens y Best Buy a mantener el dinero de sus clientes a salvo de estafas con tarjetas de regalo y fraude electrónico.
Up to now, getting rid of old or unused prescription drugs from your medicine cabinet has not been easy: Drugs could not be legally returned to pharmacies; flushing them down the toilet or tossing them in the trash was discouraged because of environmental concerns; and taking them to a police…
Pharmacies should follow the example of CVS Caremark and kick the habit of selling tobacco products, a group of Democratic senators said Feb. 10 in letters to major chain drugstores.
By Julia Appleby, Kaiser Health News. This story was produced in collaboration with USA Today
AARP has two new programs to help promote personal health and fitness.
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