At 101, Richard G. Hendrickson is no weather wimp. He's been reporting temperatures and conditions to the National Weather Service from his family farm on Long Island in Bridgehampton, N.Y., for 84 years - rain, shine, sleet or snow.
My go-to cold-weather color has always been black. Since forever, it occurs to me now, my preferred way of dressing in fall and winter has been to pair a black sweater with a pair of blue jeans, or slip into a little black dress that hovers just above my knees.
My grandma swore by her arthritic knee. When it throbbed, she said it meant the weather was about to change. My husband, on the other hand, maintains he can predict rain because the incoming weather front gives him a headache.
Weather satellites, which help warn the public of coming disasters like the tornado in Moore, Okla., will be delayed in launching because of budget cuts.
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