Need a Job? This Search Tool May Help

Looking for work? A new interactive mapping tool helps job seekers pinpoint the cities, counties and states with the best opportunities for their particular skills. Users plug in their occupation, and a free, color-coded U.S. map from Glassdoor, a job search website, highlights the areas with the most job openings for their line of work. A nurse who clicks on the map, for example, will find that Texas has more than 40,000 openings. Zoom in further and the map will show that Dallas alone …

Just How Strong Did Finish?

By Phil Galewitz, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News Obama administration officials predict that health insurance premiums will be stable next year despite concerns that not enough young and healthy people signed up through the online insurance exchanges. “The risk pool is fundamentally large and varied to support that kind of pricing … in every state,” said Mike Hash, the director of the Health and Human Services Department’s office of health reform. “We believe … premiums will be stable.” The upbeat …

App of the Week: DVR Your Reading List

My husband and I usually watch TV together for about an hour each night.   Or, should I say, I watch – and he reads articles on his iPad. A few nights ago, he complained that he couldn’t find a news story he saw earlier in the day, but didn’t have time to read. Cursing, frustrated, he searched through his emails unable to find the sender’s email who sent him the article attached. “This really makes me mad,” he uttered.  “I … Nominated for a Webby

The Oscars may have come and gone but each spring the Oscars of the Web occur, and this year, folks, AARP will be on the red carpet. We’re proud to announce that has been nominated for a Webby for Best Association Website.

News To Know: Don’t Open Your Mouth And Say Ahh

The rise of websites for rating service has led some doctors to require patients to require patients to sign non-disclosure waivers.

News To Know: Economic Fixes In The Works

Earlier this week Congress voted on a stimulus package aimed at reviving the economy.