Empty nest can cost you
For many boomers, the empty nest seems more like the empty bank account. After college, kids boomerang home for a few months or years, driving up monthly household expenses. Even when they leave, they often return to the “Bank of Mom and Dad” for help with costs from new cars to camp for the…
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A recent TV commercial shows a young man lounging at a pool party and vowing, “I am never getting married.” Next scene: an engagement ring. Then he and his wife are on a plane seated near a bawling baby. “We are never having children,” he says. Next scene: the delivery room. The commercial proceeds…
May through October is peak wedding season, and because receptions can get repetitive, bride and groom often try to make their day distinctive. Sometimes the parents of the couple, often contributing part of the $30,000 average cost of a wedding, want to put their stamp on the event, too.
Heather Lawson was admiring the gorgeous floral arrangements on a reality-TV show about weddings when it hit her: After the big event, the flowers would be going into the trash.
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