Weekend preview

A great performance by Al Pacino dominates a movie weekend that is otherwise punctuated by persistent gunfire and numerous civilian casualties.
Heroes come in all shapes and social strata, as this week's three top movies prove.
Superhero adventure goes head-to-head with the real-life brand this weekend, and both films get much of their mileage through the talents of veteran stars.
We're way late for Father's Day-or maybe way early-but this week's top movies offer two great stars playing a pair of unforgettable dads.
Pornography and cannibalism are the subjects of two interesting new movies this week, but it may be time to see a true classic:  The Wizard of Oz is in IMAX3-D theaters through this weekend; it was in the top ten moneymakers last weekend. Go see it for the popping poppies and flying monkeys.
Let's see; we've got a kidnapping drama, high-speed race cars, and Munchkins in 3-D. Yep, something for everyone in theaters this weekend.
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