Is Fat Our Friend? Low-Carb Diet Makes a Comeback

For middle-age adults trying to lose weight, is it better to cut back on carbs, like white bread, rice, crackers and cake, and not worry so much about fat? Or is fat the real evil, and you need to avoid eating too much meat, butter and cheese to drop those pounds? Two new studies have slightly different answers. A major new study from Tulane University found that cutting back on carbohydrates helped dieters lose significantly more weight and have better …

The Takeaway: Weight Watchers, Fashion Icons and Middle Ageism in America

Overweight patients following the Weight Watchers plan lost around 50 percent more weight in one year than people who got tried standard diet-and-exercise … "Retirement is for old people," said 79-year-old Italian designer Valentino Garavani … Middle ageism in America has become a tacit business practice … And a French judge fines man for not having enough sex with his wife.