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Mulled Wine
It's late December, the kids are on their best behavior and Old Man Winter has been camped outside for a few days. It's also a time when family get-togethers can have you stressed out, your bones are chilled to the marrow and a beverage offering a bigger kick than coffee is really what you need to…
Moderate alcohol consumption -- a glass of wine or a cocktail a day -- has been shown to help prevent heart disease, but a new study suggests that it might even be good for men who have had a heart attack.
Booze. One of humanity's earliest culinary inventions and possibly one of the things that started agricultural civilization in the first place, alcohol has been with us for a long time. But we are still learning much about how it affects the body and about our consumption habits. In other words,…
Baby boomers, and particularly baby boomer travelers, love wine!
With the holiday season approaching, many folks are in the market for a bottle or two of special wine to give as gifts or to use in their own celebrations. The good news is, it's possible to uncork some real bargains on wines this time of year, if you know where to look. Here are some shopping tips…
A small study of obese men found their metabolism improved when they took a daily supplement of resveratrol, the ingredient that's thought to give red wine its health-promoting powers. And the number of overdose deaths from prescription painkillers more than tripled over the last decade, with middle-aged adults leading the pack.
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