How 17 Siblings Scored a $20 Million Jackpot

Can you plan to win the lottery? Judging from the amazing story of the Endreson family’s $20.1 million bonanza in the New Jersey Lottery, the answer just might be yes. The family’s lottery pool – originally conceived by matriarch Flossie Endreson, who died in 2004 at the age of 85 – finally paid off big when her 17 surviving children won the Pick-6 Lotto on a quick-pick game board purchased for $1 at a 7-Eleven in Fork River, N.J. >> Get travel …

Meet @JenVargas, Winner of the Orlando@50+ Twitter Contest

Meet @JenVargas, winner of AARP's Orlando@50+ Twitter contest. Her tweets were RT'd the most over the 3 day event, so she wins a brand new iPad!