6.6 Million People 65 and Older Out of Work

If this isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what is. While the recession has forced many Americans to delay retirement, one of the hardest hit are those already retired in search of work. There are 6.6 million Americans age 65 or older who have lost their jobs in the recession, 61% more than the 4.1 million unemployed in this age group in 2000, The New York Times reports. This is five times the number of people in this age …

NY Times Asks Experts Why Why Older Workers Are Struggling

The New York Times blog, Room for Debate, has a great round-up of experts’ thoughts on why and how older workers are struggling to get jobs during the recession. It’s no big news that older adults have had difficulties (and have even been discriminated against) in the workforce way before the economy began to falter, but things are particularly hard now. Between the idea that bosses don’t want employees older and more experienced than them, to the fact that older …

Looking for a job after 50?

AP has a news story on how older workers are not only struggling to get a paycheck in this tough times, but searching the “help wanted” ads for the first time in their careers. Check it out. If you’re looking for a job, or want some job hunting advice check out Bob Skladany’s columns on AARP.org or our Work pages.

Consulting Woes

I was poking around the New York Times’ work blog, Shifting Careers, and came across an interesting post about consulting. Times are tough and people are losing their jobs. My father has thought a time or two that consulting might be a way to keep your foot in the door and the notion of being your own boss, well, it’s always appealed to him. Consulting is tough going though. You’re always looking for your next client and sometimes people want …

Surviving A Lay Off

Bob Skladany offers advice about how to handle a lay off.