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A woman holding a yoga mat on her shoulder
As you contemplate ways to embrace a new you — a healthier and calmer version of yourself — consider how yoga can support this positive momentum.
A woman leaning forward to stretch her legs on a yoga mat
Scientists have been telling us for years how beneficial yoga is for our mental and physical health, but what does yoga actually do to our brain?{%22pageNumber%22:1,%22perPage%22:100,%22abstractType%22:[%22photos%22,%22illustrations%22,%22video%22,%22audio%22],%22order%22:%22bestMatch%22,%22portfolioID%22:[454906],%22additionalAudio%22:%22true%22,%22f%22:true}
The popularity of yoga continues to grow, not only in the sheer numbers of people doing it, but also among older adults and men, according to a new national survey.
Volunteering on Vacation
Zip-lining through a cloud forest. Yoga in a butterfly sanctuary. Local, freshly ground coffee strained through a burlap filter.
Sunset in a winter park
The winter solstice — and the shortest day of the year — will soon be upon us (Dec. 21), and not everyone is feeling the holiday spirit. Illness, loneliness, financial troubles, family problems and depression can make many dread the “most wonderful” time of the year and endanger both mental and…
Group of mature people doing yoga
Cada martes y jueves en la tarde, llevo a mis hijos pequeños a su clase de karate en un dojo o estudio que también recibe a estudiantes de yoga. La sensei (maestra) y yogi que dirige el estudio es una exquisita señora mayor, divina, cultísima, con vastos conocimientos, en excelente estado de salud.…
Hieronymouse the Mouse - Dressed as Human
News, discoveries and ... fun
Michelle Obama Attends Las Vegas Rally One Day Before Election
La primera dama de Estados Unidos celebra medio siglo de vida con una gran fiesta en la Casa Blanca y en medio de toda la alegrí­a, nerviosismo y preguntas que tan importante cumpleaños trae consigo, ya comenzó a prepararse para los años que están por venir.
Some fabulous freebies to end the year with and ring in 2014:
Your grandchildren are probably too busy bugging you to preorder Call of Duty: Ghosts for them to notice, but this news will bring a tear to the eye of older gamers (and there are more of us out there than you might realize). Nintendo has just revealed that it's ending production of the original …
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