Relajarse es muy difí­cil

Respire. Exhale. No, así­ no; respire desde el estómago. Ahora pruebe la posición del perro mirando hacia abajo (Downward Facing Dog). ¿Suena simple? Simple no significa fácil.

Relaxing Is Hard Work

Breathe in. Breathe out. No, not like that, breathe, from your stomach. Now try a Downward Facing Dog. Sound simple? Simple doesn’t mean easy. As Segunda and I have discovered, relaxing is hard work. How do you quiet the world long enough to hear your own breath when your smartphone keeps vibrating? Lady Piola and her spiritually attuned friend, Yogi Bean, make it look simple, but what about those of us who aren’t yogis or dogs, those who seem to …

Living a Heart Healthy Life

Have you checked out AARP’s Heart Health resource guide? This guide on our website shows you the lowdown on how to keep your heart healthy. Twenty-five percent of people over the age of 50 have at least two risk factors that could lead to a heart attack, although they could potentially be avoided. 1.1 million Americans will have a heart attack this year, and some 500,000 folks won’t survive it. There are a slew of articles and tip-giving around heart …

Yoga Whoa-ga

Yoga goes beyond stretching and felxibility, offers fitness and health benefits.