11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week

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1. A $332K test tube hamburger assembled from cow stem cells doesn't taste all that good. (Learn more at AARP)

2. More than a third of young American adults - a record 21.6 million of them - are living with their parents. (Learn more at  AARP)

3. Before being launched into space, the 13-inch robot Kirobo said, " one small step for me, a giant leap for robots." (Learn more at USA Today)

4. If you're already bored with snail facials,  a bird poop facial will cost you $189 in Manhattan. (Learn more at AARP)

editScreen shot 2013-08-02 at 9.37.17 AM


5. Hardly anyone wants to live to 120. (Learn more at AARP)

6. A 90-year-old paperboy in Illinois delivers the Benton Evening News on his Schwinn. (Learn more at NY Daily News)

7. To be gluten-free, a food must contain fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten.  (Learn more at AARP)

Gluten-free banana bread

8.  Millennials are more likely than people 55 or older to forget where they put their keys. (Learn more at Huffington Post)

9. New meaning for "potbelly pig": A Seattle butcher feeds leftovers from a medical marijuana shop to his porkers. (Learn more at NPR)

Happy Pig

10. Dolphins remember their pals' whistles for more than 20 years. (Learn more at Washington Post)

11. There's no reason to keep your eyes on the road when you have CarTube. Watch below:

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Lab-made meat: David Parry/PA Wire via AP Images

Bird poop facial: AP/YouTube

Gluten-free: Amber Karnes/Flickr

Happy pig: Paul/Flickr


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