And the Champ Concert Ticket Contest Winner is...

Divided We Fail is proud to announce our Facebook and MySpace winners of the Champ Summer Concert Ticket Contest.
(Drumroll please...)
Congratulations to Laura Rothenberg on Facebook and LexiLETDOWN on MySpace! Laura is from Richmond, VA and attends the University of Virginia. Lexi is from Indiana and will be starting her senior year in high school this Fall. Both winners are the proud recipients of up to $1000 in concert tickets for themselves and 3 friends each, to the concert of their choice. The contest required that each contestant recruit as many friends as possible to the DWF Facebook Fan Page or MySpace page, in order to see what network could grow the fastest.
Many thanks go out to both Laura and Lexi for recruiting their friends to join Divided We Fail! As for the winning network, it looks like Facebook has the edge over MySpace.
Just because the contest is over, don't let that stop you. Follow in Laura and Lexi's footsteps and tell your personal networks what DWF is all about.

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