Eating Right Without Taking Away the Fun

Eating right & exercising

Spring is right around the corner and lighter and more revealing clothes are ready to come out. Changing seasons also remind us that we should do something about those extra pounds we gained after all the holiday banquets and months of limited outdoor activities. The best place to start is reviewing our eating habits, choosing better nutritional components and starting a simple exercise routine that will not demand an impossible amount of time or effort from us.

One good thing is that at AARP we have tons of useful tips for healthy eating without breaking your wallet or taking the fun factor out of it. For example, we give you advice on how to cook delicious meals using ingredients that you may already have at hand. We also tell you about 10 super foods to improve your health and a handful of yummy Latino postres (desserts) recipes than even diabetics can enjoy.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Diabetes Association, is the organization that declared March as the National Nutrition Month. The effort focuses on "getting your plate in shape" by providing nutrition education so you can make informed food choices. Check their nutrition education resources online hub.

In the same spirit, the Food and Drug Administration also issued a reminder for all of us to use the 'Nutrition Facts Label,' provided on all packaged foods and beverages. You can verify the amount of calories, sugars, sodium, carbohydrates and the number of serving per container, among many more. If you're on a diet, these facts can help you track your nutrient and caloric intake.

The challenge to eat better and exercise more should not be a 'March" thing. Because there's so much we live for.

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