Father's Day: A Tribute to their Hard Work and Dedication

Father's Day

Political and economic pressures have motivated many Latinos to uproot themselves and migrate north looking for a better future, often leaving their families behind. These brave men work multiple jobs back-to-back to provide for their loved ones while saving big sums of money to, one day, finally reunite with his family. Father's Day is around the corner and I want to dedicate this blog post to these trailblazers that opened the doors for most of us in this country with their strong hands.

My own dad worked two or three jobs to support our family. After emigrating from Cuba, working as a janitor, in a factory, selling things door to door - he did whatever was required to provide for his children. He taught me that any job, if done with dignity and hard work, will help you get ahead. Without even realizing it, my dad was teaching me how to take on life's challenges when they arise.

He had an entrepreneurial spirit, and his hard work paid off. Ultimately, he saved enough money to open his own jewelry business. Later in life, he reinvented himself by changing careers: he studied real estate, became a real estate broker and opened his own company. To me, my dad is a symbol of strength and ingenuity because he taught me that it is never too late to learn a new trade, redefine yourself or pursue a new passion. As I age, I think about new things I might want to explore, study or learn thanks to my dad's example, I know that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.

These are some of the reasons why at AARP we work hard to make sure our dads and their generation enjoys their second youth plentifully. Let me share with you how you can become an AARP member and how some of our initiatives can help you enjoy life after 50 as a journey full of fascinating possibilities:

Soy AARP: Check our Spanish-speaking portal where we explain you who we are, what we do and what we offer. Because there's so much you live for.

Tu Voz es Tu Derecho: AARP is taking the debate about the future of Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington, so you can make your voice heard. Visit the You've Earned a Say campaign in English here.

Compartir es Vivir: This is an initiative where good people get connected to opportunities to make a positive impact in their communities. Learn about the Create the Good campaign in English following this link.

Seguridad para conductores: If you or your loved ones have been driving for a few decades now, maybe it is time for a refresher course, plus you can earn discounts on your auto insurance. In English available here.

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