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George Takei Is Back in Boston: Driving Miss Daisy and Hanging with AGNES

Young adults are increasingly living with older members of their families, according to a report just released by the Pew Research Center. To aid family harmony and help the younger generation understand their elders, AGNES - the Age Gain Now Empathy System - might be the perfect extra housemate.

AGNES is one of many wonders that George Takei, tech explorer extraordinaire, found on a recent visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., just across the Charles River from Boston. There, the former Trekkie explores the "nexis of science and art" at MIT's Media Lab. At the school's AgeLab, where AGNES was created, the emphasis is on technological advances that can make our longer life spans healthier and more enjoyable.

Join us again next week, as we return to Boston with George Takei, to explore the city's rich past, present and future as a leader in tech.

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