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Kids Today & What They Won't Ever Know

We recently posted on our Facebook page that the final roll of Kodachrome film was being developed and it got us thinking... kids today would go nuts waiting days or even minutes for film to develop. Then we saw this list of things babies born in 2011 won't know about and we had to laugh.

There are a few that technology has improved upon, like GPS instead of paper maps, long distance fees (good riddance!) or OnDemand or Netflix streaming instead of having to drive to the movie store and hope what you wanted was in stock. But, here are some things it seems sad this next generation will miss:

  • - Separation between work and home. With smart phones, work travels with us... it was kind of nice just being able to relax with family and friends without iPhone push tones going off.
  • - The evening news... we're news junkies here at AARP and love all of the options, but there was something kind of cool about the nation collectively pulling up the chair together to hear the news of the day.
  • - And, retirement... wow, that's looking different for kids born this year. Heck, it's looking different for all of us.

Check out the full list here and let us know which ones struck you funny and what they might have missed.

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