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News To Know: Domo Arigato Mister Roboto

Technological advances seem to have no limit these days and this particular device is all about removing limitation. A Japanese company has created a robotic suit with the potential to give the ability to walk and carry things to those who currently can't. The suit reads impulses sent from the brain to operate its mechanical limbs. This machine holds the promise for increased mobility and strength for a host of people from those who have suffered injury to older people who have lost dexterity and strength. The suits are ready to be mass produced in Japan and will be available for monthly rental in Japan and elsewhere. The company has yet to decide on plans to sell the suit in America, but if they do, you can have your very own robotic exoskeleton for the low, low price of just under $60,000.
Have a look:

Pretty impressive, but call me when it can do this:

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