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News To Know: Gadgets To Keep You On Your Feet And On The Road

Falls are a serious concern for older Americans. Not only do they pose a risk to many older people who live alone and don't have easy access to assistance, but they also lead to many life threatening injuries. However, a new development in shoe technology, the iShoe, could literally help to keep you on your feet. Sensors in the shoe can actually evaluate how the wearer's weight is distributed and alert the user about imbalances. In the future, the shoe may even be able to automatically compensate for imbalances.
Technology that can help prevent falls is clearly a step in the right direction (no pun intended), but gizmos to keep drivers on the road and help them recognize obstacles in the street would be a welcome advance as well. General Motors is working on just that sort of technology with a smart windshield that can identify the borders of a road in poor visibility and even point out objects in the road. Nice to see GM showing some drive to improve car safety (OK that time the pun was intended).

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