Phones are for More than Just Talking

This little news tidbit caught my eye on my commute this morning. A new Pew Research Study says that just over a quarter of Americans get their news from their cell phones - not surprising when I look around on the train and almost as many people as those looking at the morning paper are looking at their cell phones.
I know I am part of that percentage, with my new Smartphone that I use in favor of my computer on occasion even if I'm at home and my computer is one room away. The study speaks volumes on the changing face of the news industry and how Americans get information.
According to the AP article, "Younger cell phone owners are more likely to look for news on their phones. About 43 percent of those younger than 50 said they are mobile news consumers, compared with 15 percent of older respondents." My guess is that those under 50 are more comfortable utilizing the internet capabilities on their phones, and therefore are more likely to search for news there.
And guess what the number one topic that users search for on their phones...the weather. How did I ever get dressed for work before my phone would tell me the temperature outside?
Do you get news on your cell phone? Or do you like to stick to more traditional venues? They both have their pros and cons, but I have a feeling the cell phone news boom isn't quite over yet!

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