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Send a call from Santa!

If you know a kid (of any age) who'd like to get a call from Santa, this cute (and free!) app from Google Voice will create a very personalized call from the man in red! Just visit


There are hundreds of options which makes it easy to really personalize your call. Note: if you'd like to hear a call before trying it, check out this sample call from Google.

Once you've customized your call, you'll have the option of sending your message as a phone call, via email, or via Facebook or Twitter.

The phone call option works great -- and immediately. If your recipient isn't home, your call may or may not be recorded (it didn't record on my work voicemail). So you may want to time this to be sure the recipient is there to pick up the phone.

Tracking Santa!

The tech fun's not over just yet. In just a couple of days, you'll be able to join NORAD in tracking Santa as he makes his way around the globe. You'll even be able to track Santa by phone if you're out and about on Christmas Eve.

Do you have any fun tech tips for the holidays? If so, please share it in the comments below or tweet me at @BethAARP. Hope you and yours enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

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