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To 3D or Not To 3D


I don't know about you, but I only recently made the move to an HD TV at home. That's curious in a way, as I like to upgrade other tech frequently (I typically get a new laptop every three years), but I was going on well over 10 years with my previous TV.

So I've watched the recent introduction of 3D TVs with a bit of skepticism (or perhaps lack of interest?). But how about you? Is this something you've been considering? has a great 3D TV Q&A that you may find helpful. It answers a lot of questions and ultimately concludes that buying a 3D TV may make sense if you are currently shopping for your first HD TV, but otherwise, you may want to hold off:

If you already own an HDTV you like, though, upgrading just to get 3D capability doesn't seem prudent at this point. There's not a lot to watch, new options are on their way in the not-too-distant future and prices aren't rising any time soon.

Others are painting the 3D phenomenon as just another (cyclical?) passing fad ... or worse. Movie critic Roger Ebert has long taken a stand against 3D. He recently posted a letter from a renowned film editor, and declares that the argument about 3D is over:

I received a letter that ends, as far as I am concerned, the discussion about 3D. It doesn't work with our brains and it never will.

The notion that we are asked to pay a premium to witness an inferior and inherently brain-confusing image is outrageous. The case is closed.

The idea that a 3D image is "brain-confusing" is apparently not just Mr. Ebert's ... manufacturers are providing warnings to various audiences, including the elderly, to be cautious about this new technology:

Viewing in 3D may cause disorientation for some viewers. Accordingly, DO NOT place your TV television near open stairwells, cables, balconies, or other objects that can be tripped over, run into, knocked down, broken or fallen over.

Ultimately, the answer to the question "to 3D or not to 3D" may depend on all sorts of factors -- including whether or not children, grandchildren and/or 3D games are in the picture!

As my previous TV buying habits suggest, I won't be jumping on the 3D bandwagon anytime soon. But what about you? Have you already gone 3D? Or planning soon? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me at @BethAARP.

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