Tuesday Tech: There's Really No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Well, look at that. The ever-useful tech website Gizmodo published a handy roundup of the best ways to screw your computer - and your bank account - up online.
I mention this, because recently we've been running into quite a few nasty tricks online. (Latest: the Facebook "dislike" button.) So, in the spirit of Gizmodo and partially stolen from them, here are our Rules for the Internet:
1) Treat the word "download" like you were entering into a business relationship. By which we mean - if you haven't heard of the company, and it isn't Microsoft, Apple, or Adobe, you should probably make sure your best friend, his sister, and your old boss recommend it. Well, maybe not quite that many people. But seriously, downloading dubious things is the quickest way to screw your computer up.
2) Update things. Listen, I'm the worst. My computer likes to tell me that it has a large security update, and it will require my computer to restart, and I hate restarting. Restarting means I have to close 40 tabs, stop listening to my music, and be patient for five to fifty minutes. I don't like it. But if Microsoft, Apple, or Adobe is asking you to update, it's probably a good idea to listen. Updates keep your security holes patched and protect you from the latest issues.
3) Free things probably aren't free. Yup, I mean porn. And I mean music, and anything where it seems you might get something in demand for nothing. I mean those free iPad offers and those "make money from home" offers. Be suspicious.
What are the scams you've seen? What would you tell your friends not to do on the Internet?

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