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Guest Post: Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget

The following is a guest blog from David & Carol Porter, frequent travelers who just returned from a trip to Washington, DC. 

We quite often hear from our readers that they can't afford to stay at many of the five-star resorts that we frequent.

Well, here's a little secret.

With a little planning, you absolutely can afford to enjoy champagne travel on a beer budget.

5 Tips to Enjoy Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget

  1. Travel in shoulder/off-season periods - we have found that this simple strategy can save you hundreds of dollars. In fact, we have saved as much as 75% off daily rack rates traveling in off-peak times. Plus, there are no crowds!
  2. Follow travel destinations on Facebook & Twitter - absolutely every single day you can find amazing travel deals directly from travel destinations. Because there are no middlemen involved, they can pass on incredible deals to you when they see their occupancies waning.
  3. Take advantage of travel rewards credit cards/programs - a full 50% of our airline expenses are free because of travel reward programs that we participate in. One caveat: you must pay your credit card off each month. If not, this is a horrible idea.
  4. Ask for upgrades - you would be surprised what a cheerful smile and the courage to ask will do. We have enjoyed countless free upgrades over the years by simply asking at the registration desk. Why not ask for a free upgrade and enjoy the champagne style of a luxury suite?
  5. Register with watchdog sites - there are countless "watchdog" services like who will keep a sharp eye open for amazing travel deals. Many times this will require flexibility in your travel dates, but we have seen abolutely unbelievable rates. For example, we have a friend who flew to Israel for $99 each way last year. Amazing, right?

So, raise your right hand and repeat after me: with a little planning, I too can enjoy champagne travel on a beer budget.

The key is planning.

So, put a plan in place, and get out there and travel. The world awaits you!

Thanks again!

- David and Carol Porter

David and Carol blog regularly at, and keep us updated on their travels via their Twitter account. Do you have any more little-known travel tips? Add them in the comments!

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