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Colorado's Got It Going On

A report from AARP Colorado's Morie Smile, where they are gearing up for Tsunami Tuesday:
AARP Colorado has been getting into the community to talk abut Divided We Fail and do some candidate bird dogging. We sponsored the National Western Stock Show and over 16 days signed up 3,315 new Divided We Fail voters and spoke to scores more. We weren't alone: our partners from the National Federation of Independent Business also showed up at our booth to meet and greet attendees for a while. Yee haw!
Also this week, we braved the early morning, single digit temperatures and the crowds to bird-dog Senator Obama at a rally at the University of Denver. We were able to break into two groups with ten of us making our way to the VIP area four rows back from the front of the podium and the rest sitting, taking up an entire aisle, all in red shirts, of course! We were in lots of photos, and managed to get ourselves into a TV shot. Not bad considering there were 13,000 people there.

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