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National Exit Polls Show Age Split

CNN's exit polling shows a fairly striking split in the presidential race by age. Voters 45 to 64, who amount to 38 percent of the electorate in the poll, go for Mitt Romney over President Obama by 52 to 47 percent. Voters 65 and over, who are 17 percent in the sample, go for Romney by an even larger margin, 56 to 43 percent.

In comparison, voters 30 to 44 (26 percent of the electorate) are voting for Obama by 51 to 46 percent, and 18-to-29 year olds (19 percent of voters) are breaking big for the president, 59 percent to 37 percent.

Exit polls are a snapshot of a small portion of the electorate, and the final results may differ considerably.

-Patrick J. Kiger

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