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Newt Gingrich Asks: Just What Is That Thing in Your Pocket?

Newt Gingrich is turning his attention from outer space to your mobile phone. In a video uploaded to YouTube by the team at Gingrich Productions (no joke) just last week, the former House speaker and presidential candidate announces a contest of sorts to name that phone/camera/web-surfing thingy you carry around and to celebrate its vast potential to change the world.

Smartphone? He doesn't mention the word. Up until recently, he's been partial to "handheld personal computer." Or maybe he's smart enough to know that the amusement over his omission will drive viewers (  250K so far) to watch the three-minute video above.

But let's take his premise at face value: Phones, smart or not, are changing health care in Africa, and possibly everywhere else.

Smartphone (there, we said it!) apps are helping seniors age in place, and helping everyone save money.

Apps are creating new models in the field of entertainment, dating, driving - you get the idea. And if you're reading this on your phone, the Social Security Administration has got a site optimized just for you.

So maybe Gingrich is right: Cellphones need a new name. Share your ideas below in the comments box.

Here's a video response with just the right amount of snark...


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