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The First Hurdle

Yes, this is a soapbox. I wrote about it yesterday and the day before and the day before that too - the economic stimulus package. Today, the Senate Finance Committee agreed that Americans need help, including the approximately 20 million Americans who live primarily on Social Security and those who are unemployed and facing a tougher time getting back on the job.

What went down today in the Senate was bipartisan, thankfully, which hopefully will increase the chances of success in the full Senate. And AARP will be watching and reporting to its members how every Senator votes tomorrow. That's more than 39 million members, in case you didn't know. And you sent over 75,000 emails, faxes and phone calls to the Senate today, so thanks!

Breaking through the gridlock in the House yesterday was also progress. Hopefully the sentiment will extend to see the stimulus proposal all the way through so Americans can get relief and get it now.

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