Why Is Social Security Stockpiling Bullets?

200-bullets-social-securityGranny, get your gun? The Internet rumor mill has been buzzing in full force after the Social Security Administration posted notice of a recent ammunition purchase. Why would the agency responsible for pension and disability benefits need 174,000 hollow-point bullets?

Don’t worry: The SSA isn’t readying a militia. It is not – as the website Infowars.com suggested – preparing for “civil unrest,” nor hatching plans to turn on America’s senior citizenry.¬†The bullets, it turns out, are for agents who investigate Social Security fraud.¬†In¬†a blog post, the agency noted:

Our investigators are similar to your State or local police officers. They use traditional investigative techniques, and they are armed when on official duty.

According to Jonathan L. Lasher of the SSA’s inspector general office, these agents make arrests, execute search warrants and carry .357 caliber ¬†pistols. Most of the bullets – about 590 per agent for the upcoming fiscal year – will be used on the firing range.

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Six hundred rounds per year for training, qualification and I would assume to carry on duty is not out of line at all,” said John W. Worden, director of the University of Missouri’s Law Enforcement Training Institute. “Hollow points are carried by law enforcement all over the country and are probably the preferred type of ammo no matter what caliber.”

Because they expand when they enter the body, hollow-point bullets are known to cause more tissue damage than other bullets. But hollow-points are preferred for duty ammunition because they stop when they hit an object instead of passing through it and striking more objects.

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Rancher721 5pts

AARP are the idiots that stood behind ACA and United Healthcare's bloated Insurance prices. They assume to speak for Seniors, but since they are so far left, all they have done is pissed people off. I throw their propaganda away as soon as it hits the mailbox. Hey AARP, this is not a communist or obamunist Country, this is America. Try not being so Myopic! Just because Barack Hussein uses the Bagger term, doesn't mean anything other than he's rude and one sided.

largebear 5pts

Shooting ranges do not like hollow point rounds.  They are more difficult to clean up.  Wad cutters are the typical rounds for range practice.  A solid round would be good for tactical practice.

ja7984 5pts

"Most of the bullets will be used on the firing range". It is quite apparent that the author of this article is neither a gun owner nor familiar with certain facts. Ms. Brown should know that no gun range will allow the use of hollow-point or metal jacketed rounds for target practice. What you would use is known as target rounds. I buy plenty of target rounds but have only one box of metal jacketed rounds.

I, for one, am not a big fan, either, of Infowars, but it behooves us to read what they say. Many on the left side of the political spectrum, disregarded Drudgereport a few years ago, but time revealed that much of the information was factual. 

I would like to see data on the number of armed federal law enforcement officers compare to 10 years ago, and the purchase of ammunition compared to the same time period.

Finally, why can't the SSA and all other agencies use local law enforcement to enforce the law? All these agencies used to use the local PD or Sheriff's deputies to carry out arrests or at most, use the Marshal Service.

jz923 5pts

"Most of the bullets ‚ÄĒ about 590 per agent for the upcoming fiscal year ‚ÄĒ will be used on the firing range."

I am retired LEO and I have never known any LEO to do range time with "hollowpoint" bullets. Those are only used for active duty....not range time. Don't buy the BS citizens! What is this administrations excuse for every other agency doing the same? For brevity, I won't even list all of the administrative offices that have chosen to arm themselves. It's easily found with a Google search. There has never been such action in the history of this country. Wake up my friends....don't buy the BS.

tf78881734 5pts

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than the headline would have you believe.

The actual reason is because the Obama administration wanted to make ammunition difficult to obtain.  The way they did this was to exploit a contract loophole with ammunition suppliers.

If you go to a sporting goods store to this day.. and try to purchase .22LR ammo... you will find it tough to find.  The reason is that the US government has flooded suppliers with basically bogus orders for millions of rounds of 9mm ammo.  Not .223 mind you.. that might be something that would eventually recirculate on the market for the dreaded "assault rifle".  So they chose the relatively benign 9mm.

So no.. no homeland security mass shootings are planned.. no execution of our elderly... simply Emperor Obama yet again using our tax dollars in a very wasteful way to get around our legal system and our constitution.

The actual facts of all this are far worse than this article.  The fact is that the general public is being duped into going along with this nonsense.  FBI studies.... that are being ignored by the government and other anti self defense groups.. have clearly shown that year after year.. more people are killed by hammers than are killed by all long guns combined.  Shotguns and bolt action firearms included.. not just the dreaded "evil guns".  So instead of addressing the real killers.. like automobiles and accidental falls.. they focus instead on something politicians are terrified of... 

... an armed public that they actually have to please.

lv512 5pts

Is AARP so full of BS they don't realize that this Democratically led government is taking down a road that no one wants to go. AARP management needs to be a little less partisan, as they DO NOT represent the conservative views most older Americans share. 

They have their nose in Liberal feed trough and kow tow to the idiots-in-charge right now. They need to quit hanging around with the left they could see the forest for the trees.

The reason to buy all these hollow points is simple..to fight an insurrection. You don't use hollow points for target practice, they will not leave a clean hole in a target. You use wad cutters which cut nice circular holes in a target. Even in war, we're limited to full metal jacket by the Geneva  Code; yet they buy hollow points to use against citizens!!!!!

Then again there are those of us that realize the day may come when we must fight. Try to stand up and think critically when someone tries to feed you pablum; like in this STUPID article .here is no other reason to buy this much ammo. Ask yourself, why is the USDA buying machine guns??? I must have missed it, did the chickens revolt at a Tysons plant??

Hopefully some sense will reign, as the first thing that needs to be done is REMOVE these paramilitary groups at USDA, social security, and all the other agencies arming themselves. Leave law enforcement to law enforcement like the the FBI,secret service,  ATF, locals, and state troopers.

I prefer the States be in charge of law enforcement, since that is where power in our government should be focused. With the advent of folks who criticize every form of free speech that doesn't agree with them, or try to take away our rights to have guns; who investigate one political persuasion with the IRS, who allow Benghazi to occur , and NOW the VA scandal.....

These aren't made up scandals...they are real. One issue is the MSM who have decided to let their liberal views bias the news they report. 

it's high time folks read Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"; and remember the Fed's have grown into a real potential danger.


cf3688913 5pts

@ja7984 , seems pretty clear you don't know many facts about stuff like this either. First, federal, state and local law enforcement officers don't train at public ranges. They have their own training ranges and they can and do train with their duty ammo to ensure the reliability of the weapons with the ammo and to ensure that the felt recoil and point of impact are consistent from training to duty. Second, the numbers of federal LEOs is easily available on the internet. If you want to know it, look it up. Finally, your assertion that "all these agencies used to use local PD's and Sheriff's" is simply not accurate. Local law enforcement doesn't have the authority to enforce federal law. Even if they did, they don't have the time to do all the Fed's work as they already have jobs to do enforcing state and local laws. 

The idea that this is a big conspiracy to stockpile tons of ammo for a secret federal police plan is just stupid. 600 rounds of ammo for training per year isn't too much. It's too little. Do you really want cops out there who only shoot 40 or 50 rounds per year. My local PD has four or five range sessions per year and each officer shoots 400 - 500 rounds per session. Not per year, but per session. 

ae4129 5pts

@carlo151  This article was not about gun rights. It was about why the SSA is buying bullets. Hello?

kd7395 5pts

@tf78881734 Utter nonsense.  Last time I checked, we have a free market for bullets.  If the gov is stockpiling, manufacturers are losing inventory, which means they'll step up production.  All you "free market" conservatives sure seem dense about how free markets actually operate.