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Nolan is currently the Senior Director of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Former Players Services, which services its 3,500 dues paying members as well as approximately 16,000 total former players in our communities. The NFLPA provides resources and guidance in career transition, community service, chapter leadership, and retirement benefits. Nolan had a ten year playing career in the National Football League, playing for the LA/Oakland Raiders, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins. Nolan spent ten years post NFL as a business owner, a vice president in the financial services industry, holds an MBA with an emphasis in global management and is a proud graduate of Indiana University. Follow Nolan on Twitter @NolanHarrison74 and @NFLPALegends.

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Former NFL Players Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Posted on 11/17/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

VolunteeringThere was enough warning, you could watch the weather channel and the local news to watch the path of Hurricane Sandy. Everyone knew she was coming. Experts were predicting the worst-case scenarios. But in the aftermath, the truth of what Hurricane Sandy left behind in the burned-out homes in Breezy Point, Queens, to the flooded buildings and subways in New York City. The reality of the devastation was widespread and heartbreaking. In the words of President Obama “This is going to …

On A Rainy Day In Steeler Country Volunteers Were Asked “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

Posted on 09/21/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

VolunteeringOn a rainy day in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania NFLPA former players, AFL-CIO members, community activists, and community organizers got together for an event called My Vote My Right, to educate the public on the new voter ID laws instituted in Pennsylvania. There have been many studies on the effects of the new legislation on people’s ability to vote. According to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, “Studies show that as many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not …

Former NFL Players Give the Gift of Fitness and Fun

Posted on 09/13/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

VolunteeringOf all the things that we get to do as former players in giving back to the community, in my opinion, the most fun is  giving time to the local community children. Last weekend, the NFLPA former players, as part of the NFLPA One Team One Community initiative, visited Monroe Elementary School in Oak Brook Illinois  for a day of fitness, fun, and football. The mission of the One Team One Community initiative is to improve the quality of life …