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A reformed defense attorney, Marshall is the CEO of Scofflaws Den LLC a cocktail & spirits consulting company offering training and consulting to restaurants and bars, public and private cocktail classes, specialty cocktails and assisting with private events. His original recipes have been featured in various food and beverage publications and he has won multiple cocktail competitions. He writes about cocktails, spirits and the booze industry at and AARP Blog. Any and all views are his own and possibly influenced by a cocktail.

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Warm Holiday Drinks

Posted on 12/21/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodayIt’s late December, the kids are on their best behavior and Old Man Winter has been camped outside for a few days. It’s also a time when family get-togethers can have you stressed out, your bones are chilled to the marrow and a beverage offering a bigger kick than coffee is really what you need to make all right with the world. What better way to relax than with a winter themed drink? Mulled wine is one of the easiest …

A Thanksgiving Honeymoon

Posted on 11/30/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodayWhen it comes to cocktails,  I see major chain restaurants mixed drinks  (Chili’s, TGIFriday’s, etc.) as the liquor equivalent of department stores around this time of year. We’ve just past Thanksgiving and are entering the Holiday season, but in department stores the lights, ornaments and holiday baubles have been on the shelves since before Halloween. The stores choose to focus on the “big” Holiday rather than allowing customers to enjoy whatever holiday is coming up. It doesn’t seem like they …

A Bright Star

Posted on 11/9/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodayA majority of the time, pre-Prohibition cocktail books are the research materials I use for creating new cocktails or when I’m looking to serve something new to my guests. They are some great sources for reprints of the old tomes. Probably the best would be Amazon or, my favorite, Cocktail Kingdom. While many of these books are a fascinating look at how bars were run in the early 1900s and the recipes that were cataloged at the time, they don’t …

Warm Things Up with a Hot Toddy!

Posted on 11/2/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodayWe had some chilly weather over this past weekend and it got me ready for those great warm cocktails that shake the chill from your bones. The great thing about warm drinks are their versatility. When it comes to serving up a warm beverage, only your own imagination and ingredients on hand can hold you back. The most recognizable hot beverage is the hot toddy. I think just about every has, or at least knows of, a recipe for the …

A Little Winter Spice

Posted on 10/26/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodaySome of the flavors that I tend to associate with cold weather drinking are those that I associate with baking. In fact I call these flavors “baking spices.” What I’m referring to are the common flavors of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. While these flavors can and are used year-round, there is just something about the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg coming from the kitchen when the weather is frosty and snow is on the horizon. One of my favorite sources …

Time for a Little Hanky Panky (The Cocktail, That Is)

Posted on 10/19/2012 by |Cocktails, Spirits and Mixology | Comments

Bulletin TodayWe’ve already talked about making a proper Martini and if you’ve read that article, the recipe in today’s article will look familiar. The Hanky Panky is almost identical to a martini made with sweet vermouth but with the addition of one extra ingredient. While the martini has its own history, the Hanky Panky also has its own fantastic tale. One of the United State’s biggest losses during Prohibition was of bar men. And please note, I’m not being sexist when …