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Vice President, Media Operations Support

Traci Lucien


Traci Lucien, Integrated Communications, VP Media Operations Support in AARP Media adopted mother of a 10 year old daughter; passion for children in need of families . Pro adoption, foster care and love of children with special needs.

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Essencefest Reflections, and More Events to Come

Posted on 07/13/2013 by |Vice President, Media Operations Support | Comments

TravelThis is a guest blog from AARP’s Edna Kane-Williams. I recently had the pleasure of being at the Essence Festival – just one of several major events where AARP will have a presence this year. If you’ve never been to “Essencefest,” picture a Mardi Gras celebration combined with a huge girlfriend getawa full of laughter, sister to sister sharing, conversations, great food and lots of hugs . Add in your favorite celebrities and entertainment – plus a ton of information, …

50+ Mommy Chronicles: Not From the Lens of My Upbringing

Posted on 04/25/2013 by |Vice President, Media Operations Support | Comments

Home & FamilyThree years into mommy-hood and each day I am learning more about myself. My own childhood upbringing certainly influenced me early on in the way I parented my 10-year old daughter, adopted from foster care. The reality is her childhood experiences are very different from mine. I had a solid family upbringing, raised as the eldest of three in a two parent family. My parents were supportive and encouraged me in all of my interests. Both working parents, my mom …

50+ Mommy Chronicles: Our Beginning

Posted on 04/16/2013 by |Vice President, Media Operations Support | Comments

Your LifeFor as long as I could remember my heart’s desire was to have a child and be a mother. Single and now 52, my 10-year-old daughter and I are a forever family. The decision to adopt an older child from foster care did not scare me. OK that is not quite accurate. Anyone who has attended training to foster/adopt knows the kind of information shared on what a prospective parent might experience. When a child is no longer with his …