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11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week

News, discoveries and ... fun


1. Top French chefs want to make it legal to eat a small protected songbird one week a year. (Learn more at New York Times)

2. Those bumps on your tongue aren't taste buds. (Learn more at Huffington Post)

Lev Olkha

3. The least expensive home for sale in the nation's most expensive ZIP code ( Atherton, Calif., 94027) is a two-bedroom bungalow with a $1.499 million asking price. (Learn more from Yahoo! Finance)

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4. Former world heavyweight champion George Foreman is a hypochondriac. (Learn more at AARP)

George Foreman

5. Nevada is the only state where the typical retiree has enough income to live comfortably. (Learn more from

6. The 13,000-square-mile tri-state National Radio Quiet Zone has no cellphone or Wi-Fi reception. (Learn more at National Geographic)

Green Bank Radio Telescope

7. New York has the most night owls; Hawaiians go to bed the earliest. (Learn more at Washington Post)

8. Searching for "Jimmy Kimmel" on the Internet can break your computer. (Learn more at AARP)

Jimmy Kimmel Search

9. If you reach age 65, odds are you'll live another 20 years. (Learn more at AARP)

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10. The largest industrial workshop in the ancient Greek empire was a 3,900-square-foot pottery district with 80 kilns. (Learn more at Discovery)

Ancient Greek pottery workshop site

11. More than a third of parents pass down their love of a car brand to their children. (Learn more at

VW Beetle

Bonus video: Pope? President? Governor? Pianist extraordinaire Liberace considers other career choices in this 1968 animated interview, from the folks at PBS who brought us The Night Grace Kelly Surprised JFK in His Room

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Images — Ortolan bird: Flickr/Isidro Vila Verde; iStock/mocker bat; George Foreman: Andrew Hetherington/Redux; Green Bank Radio Telescope: Courtesy of NRAO/AUI; Jimmy Kimmel search: screenshot/Google; Greek pottery dig: Martin Bentz, via Discovery and Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton; VW bug: Flickr/Cathy Cole

Music — AlexBeroza/Spinning via ccMixter

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