11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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New mammal, Olinguito, discovered in South America

1. A small, red, furry mammal called an olinguito lives in the trees of South America. (Learn more at Smithsonian Magazine)

2. A popular use of the phrase “organ recital” has nothing to do with music. (Learn more at AARP)

3. The guy who wrote the famous headline “Headless Body in Topless Bar” was axed. (Learn more at AARP)

Headless Body in Topless Bar (NY Post)
4. Boomers would most like to revisit the 1980s. Americans 65 and older prefer the ’50s and ’60s. (Learn more at Economist.com)

5. Was Count Dracula really on to something? Scientists believe that bats may hold the secret to human longevity. (Learn more at Bloomberg.com)

Bat hanging from rock

6. A man who lost his license for driving too slow says the “sweet spot” for gas mileage in his Ford Ranger pickup is 48 mph. (Learn more at The Bemidji Pioneer)

7. If you’re a new parent, you’ll spend $241,080 to raise your kid – plus college expenses. (Learn more at AARP)

How much does it cost to raise a kid?
8. One strand of the world’s longest dreadlocks measures 55 feet 7 inches. (Learn more at Huffington Post)

9. “Sliding” is a new technique that thieves use to steal your stuff while you’re pumping gas. (Learn more at AARP)

10. It took the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins football team 40 years to get a congratulatory visit to the White House. (Learn more at AARP)


11. Sir Billi, an animated feature about an octogenarian skateboarder (voiced by Sean Connery) who tries to save the last beaver in Scotland, will be released next month in U.K. theaters.

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 Photos: Olinguito: Mark Gurney/Smithsonian Magazine; Bat: chimothy27/Flickr‘; Kids: joeduty/flickrPresident with Dolphins: Pete Souza/White House

Music: Deep Sky Blue by Graphiqs Groove via FMA

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