Jilenne Gunther

Jilenne Gunther is national director of BankSafe at the AARP Public Policy Institute. Her areas of expertise include financial exploitation, fraud, and consumer law. Read her full biography.
Look Before You Leap
When looking to manage a loved one’s finances, leave money to a beneficiary or simply monitor an immediate family member’s account, many turn to joint accounts. While they may be easy to use, as described in a recent blog, joint accounts have risks. And there may be better options, depending on your needs.
Look Before You Leap
Joint bank accounts can be a great convenience for people who share income and expenses — often the case with married couples.  However, joint accounts also can have disadvantages.  It is important for consumers to understand what a joint account is and what it is not, along with all its corresponding liabilities. When it comes to joint bank accounts, you need to ask yourself: is a joint bank account right for me?
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