Sarah Lock

Fig. 1: Six pillars of brain health and the economic and societal benefits.
An often-overlooked benefit of brain health is what it brings to the workforce and larger economy.
GCBH behavior change report cover
Roadmap charts path to sustained brain health, with recommendations for individuals, communities and policymakers.
Increasing vaccination rates have offered a much-needed break from the fear of serious illness and made many people feel more comfortable gathering in person. As temperatures drop, however, and we turn to more indoor activities, we should remain aware of potential COVID-related risks.
Report Cover - Building Workforce Capacity to Improve Detection and Diagnosis of Dementia.
When it comes to dementia, few things matter more than timely detection and proper diagnosis. Yet these vital supports are often lacking.
Report Cover - Better Brain Health through Equity
If you care about brain health and social justice, you know that glaring inequities continue to harm communities of color. We need solutions.
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