Bethanne Patrick

Revolutionary Summer copy
Think you're a firecracker on American history? Bet you didn't know that...
Highs in Low Fifties - cover (3)
"Most people think I'm a hard-drinking slut, but really I'm an angel of mercy."
Big Brother cover
You haven't seen your beloved older brother in years. Then he shows up at the airport, weighing hundreds of pounds more than the last time you saw him.
Dying to Live in Palm Beach copy
In 70-year-old Jane Grossman's debut thriller,  Dying to Live in Palm Beach, a klatsch of aging widows support one other through thick and thin.
The Original 1982
How do you process regret at midlife? Two new novels tackle that question in interesting ways.
Good Riddance cover image
Last month I revisited my alma mater, Smith College in Northampton, Mass., to moderate a panel called "Empowering Young People Through Stories."
Mom and Me and Mom
Midrash, or the rabbinical interpretation of Old Testament writings, repeats certain phrases and scenes as a way to help the devout learn sacred texts. The technique may help explain why Maya Angelou seems to be repeating herself throughout her new memoir, Mom & Me & Mom.
As Mother's Day approaches, I've been thinking about the most powerful gift my mother ever gave me: my love of reading.
Carol Burnett author photo - copyright 2010 Mabel Cat Inc.  Photographer  Randee St. Nicholas
When I heard that Carol Burnett and Debbie Reynolds have new memoirs out this month, I imagined writing about their mutual love of fashion designer Bob Mackie.
Rakoff Cover
In 1995 Ilene Beckerman wrote and illustrated a charming memoir called Love, Loss, and What I Wore. It captured her life according to outfits worn at key moments, from the Brownie Scout uniform Beckerman was sporting when she went off to camp at age 7 to the dress-up clothes her granddaughter…
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