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Australians -- they're just like us! And that's not such a good thing ... A new study from Aussie professor Graeme Hugo finds the proportion of Australian boomers with three or more chronic conditions is a whopping 700 percent greater than in the previous generation. And much like their American counterparts, Australian between ages 53 and 62 are more than twice as likely to be obese as their parents were at that age.
Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon said that given a do-over, he'd have chosen to play baseball. At just 53, McMahon has early-stage dementia, most likely caused by the myriad head injuries he suffered during his football years.
What can ancient castrated Koreans tell us about longevity? A lot, apparently. A new study of historical data reveals more evidence that when it comes to why women outlive men, testosterone may be to blame.
Last week, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America released a study saying many caregivers initially mistake certain symptoms of Alzheimer's disease for "normal aging." But surely most doctors would fare better at diagnosing the disease, right? Maybe not. In a survey of nearly 1,000 physicians from five countries, nearly half said that Alzheimer's often gets misdiagnosed. And when proper diagnosis does occur, it's "always" or "often" too late to intervene in a meaningful way.
Anyone who has or may someday have family in a nursing home, take note: A mandatory arbitration agreement is probably not in your loved one's best interest. Though such agreements are becoming increasingly common at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there's good reason for family members of residents not to sign.
A recent string of high-profile accidents involving older drivers has stirred up the decades-old debate: How old is too old to drive? Of course there's no definitive answer -- it depends on how physically and cognitively healthy someone remains. But it also depends on where you live: An Associated Press review found a "hodgepodge" of state rules governing older drivers.
Special Post By Mary Agnes Carey | Kaiser Health News staff writer
One of the biggest misconceptions about dementia is that it's part of the normal course of aging. Alarmingly, that's a belief shared by many caregivers for older adults. A new survey of relatives and friends caring for people now diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other dementia found two-thirds mistook early symptoms for normal cognitive wear and tear. In doing so, they may have delayed proper diagnosis and early treatment for their loved ones.
These days, keeping up with the Joneses is more likely to involve night classes than a new sofa. A study on boomer spending habits found middle-aged adults today spend less on leisure and frills than previous generations but more on education, adult children and mortgage debt.
Low-wage workers tend to pay more for less robust health insurance coverage, according to a new survey. For family health care plans, employees at lower-wage companies paid an average of $700 more per year, despite the typical policy for these workers being worth $1000 less than average.
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