The Town of Boomer, W.Va.

People in the boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, are celebrating the 50th birthdays of their youngest members in 2014. To mark this event, AARP asked Washington, D.C.-based photographer Jared Soares to explore Boomer, W.Va. To get to Boomer, follow the Kanawha River southeast from Charleston, West Virginia’s capital city, for about 30 miles. With a population of nearly 600 people, Boomer rests on Historic Route 60, part of the Midland Trail National Scenic Highway. In the early 1900s, the town saw rapid growth when Boomer …

Older Workers in Afghanistan

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Comments and Instagrams from Main Street

The AARP Bulletin went to 27 states to get responses to questions on how people are doing in the economy and what they expect from Washington in the coming year. We got back great thought-provoking comments and beautiful Instagram portraits. You can find more at the official AARP Instragam account, AARP_OFFICIAL. Top row Photos by @brandonthibodeaux, @mattmillsphoto, @iancbates, @scottymacphoto Bottom row photos by @scottymacphoto, @clanger1, @michaelfriberg, @davidwalterbanks