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Natalie Missakian

Medicare lifted restrictions on telehealth coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic, but those limits are set to return after Dec. 31 unless Congress acts.
A total of 22 states have now passed AARP-backed laws to protect consumers from brokers trading small cash payments for the future right to sell their home.
The new law, recently signed by Gov. Jim Justice, will phase-out the state tax on Social Security benefits starting this year and eliminate it by 2026.
AARP provided funding to create a playbook that can help states close the digital divide and provide internet access for all, including older adults.
Nominees include our look at nursing home transfer trauma, a video featuring grandma chefs at a New York City restaurant and our 'When Gen X' TikTok series.
AARP Washington has fought for years to bring an automatic IRA program to the Evergreen State, so more workers can save for retirement through automatic payroll deductions.
By helping nurses feel appreciated and valued, AARP hopes to boost job satisfaction and keep more nurses from leaving the profession.
Adults facing guardianship often can't afford to hire attorneys, but AARP-backed legislation would help states train and recruit law students to represent them.
=The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, requires state-regulated insurance companies to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month, or $105 for a 90-day supply.
The elimination of the tax follows years of advocacy from AARP Oklahoma, which argued it was particularly burdensome to older adults on fixed incomes.
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