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Robert Hodder

My elementary school kids desperately want to please their teacher. So much so, they frequently let their emotions get the better of them. Actually it's daily. And here's how I know: Each and every day that I'm in the classroom I hear the "gasp"!
Every story has a beginning, middle and end. And in the details of that telling, we can be transported to times and places that fill us with a range of emotions - from wonder, hope and, mirth - to fear, sadness and dread. And the best stories usually have a blend of both!
"Aoccdrning to rscheearch..."
Today my class of Experience Corps students celebrated their 100 th day of school! When I got to school the teacher had placed "100 th day of school" signs all over the walls. To celebrate, the children made crowns with a "100" featured prominently on the front, and decorated their headband with…
Maintaining discipline in a classroom of elementary school kids is seldom easy. My teacher has a number of tactics that she uses. When a couple of kids aren't paying attention or picking at each other, she says, "I'll wait." She then silently pauses her lesson, the room gets quiet, and the kids…
Great excitement colors every Halloween. Kids happily don their costumes - some out of the box, some handmade - carve their jack o'lanterns, then set off to troll neighborhoods in the dusk and dark for candy galore.
Earlier this month I began my Experience Corps work with Washington, D.C. elementary school kids to build their reading skills. It has been both exhilarating and exhausting. And although I'm having a tremendous amount of fun, I am already developing calluses on my back side getting used to sitting…
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