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Marc Jacobs Turns 50!


It's official: Marc Jacobs, the iconic American design darling who helms three fashion brands -   Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton  - can become an AARP member as of today.

Jacobs, who made Time magazine's "Time 100" list in 2010, continues to add notable lines to his resume. In addition to elevating his gift of forecasting and conceptualizing trends for his clothing collections, he's also assumed the role of Creative Director for Diet Coke (he appears topless in some ads like the one to the right) and will star in the film Disconnect out later this month.

At 50, it appears nothing is stopping this dynamo from excelling professionally and personally. Working two hours daily and feeling both happy and healthy, Jacobs is in a good space. "What's worked for me is being more passionate about what I do and not giving up. And when I don't believe in myself turning to other people who believe in me."

When recently asked by WWD about a midlife crisis, he responded, "My midlife crisis has been going on for 20 years; I don't see it as a crisis at all because it's quite the adventure."  With that said, Jacobs is rumored to have jetted off to Rio to celebrate the big 5-Oh. Happy birthday, Marc!

Feel Great. Have Fun. Be Stylish.   Never seen a Marc Jacobs runway show? Take a glimpse into his archives here and let us know what you think of the designer.  Also follow Dian on Twitter.


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