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Modeling After 50, Pacemaker And All

The following is a post from Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of AARP's "Your Life Calling TODAY" with Jane Pauley.

Earlier this year, both Jane Pauley and our colleagues at TODAY suggested we profile a 50+ model as part of our series. It sounded like an interesting idea to me. However, we could never seem to find someone who had reinvented their life to become a professional model and who also had a substantive story. That was, until we discovered Dawn Nakamura-Kessler!

It's always the case, isn't it - when we let go of something we want, it somehow finds us when we're not looking for it. We met Dawn on-location this past April during a b-roll shoot for a previous "Your Life Calling TODAY" segment featuring Jan Erickson. Jan is the founder of Janska, a clothing company based in Colorado. Dawn was modeling for Janska and when she told us she was 50, we were amazed! When we learned she had also survived open heart surgery several times, wore a pacemaker, and lived most of her adult life being a stay-at-home mother hoping to so see her only child finish high school, we knew this story had a lot of merit.

Dawn isn't just a beautiful woman with striking and exotic features. While battling chronic heart disease, she has found the courage to overcome her vulnerabilities and become a successful professional model at the 'ripe old age' of 50. That is truly both inspiring and astounding. Dawn's also the ultimate empty nester, realizing at long last her "life calling" of being in front of the camera and gracing numerous magazine covers. We meet so many people in mid-life battling chronic disease and health challenges, who still want to try something new or realize a dream they've been holding close to their own heart. If this fits your description, this story will speak to you!

Watch our segment on NBC's TODAY show October 17 , 8:30-9a.m. ET. to learn more about Dawn Nakamura-Kessler's story of how she is reimagining her life.
Also, join us for Jane Pauley's live internet radio show "ASK JANE" at 10:00a.m. ET on October 17. Listen at:

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