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Too old to walk the runway? Not these ladies!


What do Carol AltKaren Bjornson, Alva Chinn, and Carmen Dell O'refice have in common? Besides being over 50, they are all legendary models who walked a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway a couple of weeks ago, garnering a lot of press.

The woman behind this buzz-worthy moment was none other than Norisol Ferrari, a fierce designer with an impeccable eye for detail and structure. Inspired by sexy icons and powerful women this season, Ferrari sought to make a collection that spoke to both. She then infused her presentation with traditional youthful models, sprinkling in more seasoned pros to show that her line could appeal to all ages. "Just because you are over 50 does not mean you're no longer vibrant and sexy-it's actually quite the opposite," Ferrari says.


Alva Chinn agrees that Ferrari's designs reach across generations. "You don't have to be stick thin or 20- or 30-something to look and feel fabulous wearing them," she says.

While Ferrari doesn't necessarily plan to use legends like Chinn consistently in future marketing, she is "thrilled that there is so much attention being paid to these ladies and demographic. It's about time!"

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